Mosaic Ministries of South Toledo seeks to transform the old south side of Toledo through the power of the gospel and community development.

Our mission is to transform South Toledo through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ and to establish and implement a viable and sustainable ministry pipeline in South Toledo, developing a sustainable plan to build capacity and effectively make an impact on the community.

We want to devote ourselves to three broad initiatives:

  1. Faith Community – We desire to be a place where people are ministered to spiritually. We don’t want religious people but rather men and women in a life long love relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. The Transformation Pipeline – Starting with Baby University, a program for parents of children up to 3, we hope to move the children of our area through high quality pre-school, K – 12 and then into a college. We are committed to the belief that education is the 2nd greatest power in the universe!
  3. Infrastructure – Working with many community partners we are removing bad housing, rehabbing other properties and planting gardens wherever possible. A vision for our area is to create desirable housing and commercial properties. We hope to create jobs for our people through these efforts. Ultimately, we hope to see a “Family Friendly Village” planted and grown in what we call the South Toledo Kids Zone

Our Inspiration